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World Cricket Calendar

Here is a list of the upcoming major cricket sporting events. Not every event can be listed here, though we have tried to include all the big sporting events, mostly the international competitions. Major events include the ICC World T20 for men and women and the ODI Cricket World Cups. See also the current major sporting events calendar.

Let me know if you think something is missing or needs updating.

Year Date(s) Event Location
2023 Feb 9-26 ICC World T20 (women) South Africa
2023 June 7–11 World Test Championship final The Oval, England
2023 June 16 - Aug 1 Ashes Test Series England
2023 Oct 5 - Nov 19 ODI World Cup for men India
2024 June 4-30 ICC World T20 (men) USA & West Indies
2024 Sept-Oct? ICC World T20 (women) Bangladesh
2024 ? Under-19 Cricket World Cup ?
2025 ? ODI World Cup for women ?
2025 June? World Test Championship final  
2025 ? Ashes Test Series Australia
2025 ? Champions Trophy Pakistan
2026 ? ICC World T20 (men) India & Sri Lanka
2026 ? ICC World T20 (women) England
2027 Oct-Nov? ODI World Cup for men South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia
2028 ? ICC World T20 (men) Australia & New Zealand
2029 ? Champions Trophy India
2029 ? ODI World Cup for women ?
2030 ? ICC World T20 (men) England, Ireland & Scotland
2031 ? ODI World Cup for men India, Bangladesh

note: any date and time listed represent the local date and time

disclaimer: Please note that event dates are believed to be correct at the time of publication, though they are subject to change.

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