Seven Wonders of the Sporting World

In response to the popular list of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, here are some lists and other information about sports wonders from around the world.athlete statue

Is the greatest sporting wonder of the world the Monaco F1 circuit, maybe the Bird's Nest in Beijing? These two rank highly a few of these lists.

There is no official list of the Best Sporting Wonders of the World, so we are going to make one. To start, see Our Complete list - a large list of sporting wonders, are there others that should be here?

Also, these lists above are mostly about venues - what about the sporting events themselves - isn't that where the wonder is? I have started a list of sporting event wonders, from which the top 7 will be selected.

A Real Sporting Wonder

Among all of the seven ancient wonders of world on the traditional list, the only one with sporting links is the Statue of Zeus. The ancient Olympic Games were held in honor of their King of gods, Zeus. In the ancient Greek city of Olympia, sculptor Pheidias carved the enormous statue of Zeus, in the 5th century B.C,. It was made of gold and ivory and reputed to be 40 ft high.


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