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Wonders of the Sporting World - Sporting Stadiums

Here is a list published on of what they considered the top 10 Wonders of the Sporting World - stadiums which are great architectural works. See more about the Seven Sporting Wonders of the World.

Wonder location notes
1. Allianz Arena Munich, Germany Allianz Arena MunichCompleted April, 2005, used for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany.
2. Werner March Stadium (Berlin Olympic Stadium) Berlin, Germany the 1936 Olympic Games were held here
3. Bird's Nest (National Stadium) Beijing, China The main stadium for the Beijing Olympic Games
4. National Swimming Center Beijing, China constructed for the swimming events at 2008 Olympic Games and nicknamed the "Water Cube,"
5. Ski Dubai Dubai, United Arab Emirates A cavernous 32,290-square-foot indoor ski resort which has five downhill ski runs varying in difficulty (the longest is 1,312 feet with a 196.85 foot fall), a cross-country trail, a 295.2-foot quarter-pipe for snowboarders, and a chairlift.
6. Port Hawkesbury Arena, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada Ice hockey arena
7. Palazzo a vela, Turin, Italy Redesigned for the Winter Olympics in Turin
8. Cardinals Stadium Glendale, Arizona, USA Completed in 2006, the stadium includes a removable grass field and a retractable roof.
9. Wembley Stadium (new) Wembley Park, London, UK new stadium completed in 1997, costing 798 million pounds. Host of the FA Cup.
10. Al Khalifa Sports Complex Doha, Qatar renovated for the 2006 Asian Games and will also feature at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


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