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Wonders of the Sporting World - TrailBlazer Venues

Here is a list published on of what they considered the top 10 Wonders of the Sporting World (Legendary sporting venues).

There are lots of US venues on this list, so maybe not a worldly view of the true wonders of the sporting world. See more about the Seven Sporting Wonders of the World.

Wonder location notes
1. The Colosseum Rome, Italy Possibly the oldest standing sporting venue in the world, once hosted 'sports' where Gladiators would fight animals and each other to the pleasure of spectators.
2. Yankee Stadium (old) New York City, New York, USA home to New York Yankees, the old stadium was pulled down in 2008.
3. Lambeau Field Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA Green Bay Packers home ground
4. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Indianapolis, USA Home to the Indianapolis 500. Opened in 1909 as the largest sporting venue in the world, and is still close to that now,
5. Augusta National Golf Club Augusta, Georgia, USA home of the Masters golf major.
6. The Rose Bowl Pasadena, California, USA home of the Rose Bowl
7. Madison Square Garden New York City, New York, USA home of the NBA's New York Knicks and the NHL's New York Rangers
8. All England Tennis Club Wimbledon, England home of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships
9. Churchill Downs Louisville, Kentucky, USA home of the Kentucky Derby
10. Wembley Stadium Wembley Park, London, UK new stadium completed in 1997, costing 798 million pounds. Host of the FA Cup.


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