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7 Wonders of the Sporting World TheStar

Here is a list published on The Toronto Star website in 2009 of what they considered the top Seven Wonders of the Sports World.

Being a Canadian publication, the Rogers Centre is listed high on the list, but it does not make any other Sporting Wonder List.

See more about the Seven Sporting Wonders of the World, including our list (there are a few the same ehere)

Wonder location notes
1. The Bird's Nest Beijing, China main stadium for the Beijing Olympic Games
2. Rogers Centre Toronto, Ontario, Canada
3. Fenway Park Boston, Massachusetts, USA home to the Boston Red Sox
4. Wembley Stadium Wembley Park, London, UK new stadium completed in 1997, costing 798 million pounds. Host of the FA Cup.
5. Monaco F1 circuit Monaco Set in the streets of Monte Carlo
6. Pebble Beach Golf Course California, USA
7. Panathinaiko Stadium Athens, Greece


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