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Hotels Stays: Staying Fit & Healthy

If you are a regular hotel visitor, you will know it is important to come up with a healthy routine.

The first thing to sort is your nutrition. As is often the case when traveling, you arrive too late and tired to eat a proper meal. Don't rely on a local corner store or room service for a late-night snack. Hopefully, you preloaded your briefcase with healthy snacks just for this occasion. If there is only a kettle in the room, there are simple meals that you just need to add hot water. If you have ready meals that require a microwave and if your room doesn't have one, usually you can find one in a common area of the hotel.

In the morning you may be confronted by the hotel restaurant, or worse still, the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. When traveling, breakfast is really the most important meal of the day. Try these tips for surviving the breakfast buffet. There are good options to be found, you just need to make good choices and have self-control. Skip the carbohydrate and sugar-laden bagels and donuts, and look for protein-rich low-fat foods. A good choice would be poached eggs with a slice of whole-wheat toast and some fruit.

hotel fitness centerhotel fitness center can be a bit hit-and-miss

Running (or walking) is the easiest cardio workout, and you don't need to carry any exercise gear with you except for a pair of shorts and a good pair of sneakers. Your first step is to ask at the hotel reception for a map of the area, hopefully showing walking or hiking trails that you can head out on.

Another exercise option, depending on the hotel you are staying at, is to visit the fitness center. Their quality and size can vary depending on your hotel's quality. If it is not in existence or not up to scratch, there are plenty of 'exercise at home' ideas for a hotel room workout.

Wishing you safe travels on your next trip, and hoping you can create a good travel fitness routine.

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