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Staying Fit & Healthy When Hemisphere Hopping

We sometimes take for granted how different other parts of the world are, and when we travel from north to south, or south to north, there are many challenges for this type of travel.

Even if you are used to traveling great distances east or west, there are additional concerns that need to be taken into account if you are traveling between the northern and southern hemispheres.  

When you travel between hemispheres, it is considerably different than just traveling across from one continent to another in the same hemisphere. There are important things to consider, especially for those into keeping fit or playing sport.

Traveling east-west can cause significant jet-lag effects, and depending on where you go when you cross the equator, there can also be major time-zone considerations. But, there are more things to consider when crossing the equator. For example, your sleep cycles may not only be affected by changes between time zones, but also due to differences in the length of the days and nights.

There is also the weather. As the northern and southern hemispheres have the exact opposite seasons, you can be going from hot to cold or vice versa. As part of planning for your trip, you should check the climate data of your destination so you know what to expect. Make sure you pack clothing appropriate for the conditions too.  

prepare for the changing conditionsprepare for the changing conditions

In terms of fitness, there are more things you need to account for. You may be going from summertime to wintertime in a day. Usually, as the season comes, you are able to gradually adapt and prepare. Is your body ready to hit the slopes when you arrive in the mountains? There is a lot you can do to prepare the body before you leave home. If you haven’t been keeping your body in the right shape, jumping right into an activity you haven’t had time to get ready for can lead to serious injuries.  

In addition to the potential for acute injuries, you also have to be careful about picking up seasonal illnesses such as the common cold and flu. Your body is more susceptible to picking these up when traveling due to lack of sleep, confined spaces on the plane, stress, extra partying etc., and added to this are the stresses on the body when traveling between hemispheres and having sudden climate changes to deal with.

Traveling between hemispheres does not have to be too stressful. As long you plan ahead and prepare yourself properly before your trip, you can minimize any issues and have a very enjoyable holiday. 

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