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Tips for Beating Jetlag for the Traveling Athlete

All athletes have felt the effects that air travel has on their physicality and readiness to perform. There are several reasons why air travel affects your readiness to train and most require a period of acclimatization before you are ready to perform, again.

watching the sun out the plane window watching the sun out the plane window

Why is it so...

Sports performance has been shown to have a "time of day" effect, where people are accustomed to performing at certain times of the day. Any change from this can mean that your body is not primed to deliver optimal performance.

Any time zone change has been shown to affect performance for at least 24 hours. Flights crossing 3 time zones, or more, has longer lasting effects on performance.

A change of time zone conflicts with your normal Circadian Rhythm, due to a change in the following elements of daily life,

How your behaviours can help...

Time for acclimatization to a new time zone is needed. To assist this process, the following
behavioural changes can be implemented.

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