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Airport Stopovers: Keeping Fit

A long travel day of airplanes and airports can really sap your energy. If you are a regular airport visitor, you will know it is important to come up with a routine to put the zip back in your step, and even take the opportunity to get a little workout in the down times.

Get Some Exercise

If you have some time at the airport, maybe while you are waiting for your next flight, it is an opportunity to do some form of activity. Getting the body moving and the blood flowing will only make you feel better.

It helps to be prepared. Remember to wear sneakers on the plane or stow them in your carry-on. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes anyway as they will be much better on your back and feet compared to hard-soled shoes or heels. You may also want to wear clothing that can double as workout gear.

As you should always do, get a little bit of extra incidental exercise by skipping the people mover! Also, take the stairs! For a cardio workout, the easiest thing to do is go for a brisk walk. You don't need to carry any exercise gear with you except for a pair of shorts and a good pair of sneakers. At the airport, stash your bags in a locker, and take a power walk around the terminal.

Another exercise option, depending on the airport you are at, is to visit the fitness center and get a real workout. Not all airports will have one, and their quality and size can vary. If it is not in existence or not up to scratch, find yourself a quiet corner of the airport and do some of these 'exercise at home' ideas that do not need any equipment.

Afterwards, some airports have a shower or nearby hotel room that you rent by the hour and use to freshen up.

airport travellatoravoid the travellator and go for a walk

Get Some Fresh Air

An airplane is a relatively small space that is tightly sealed with many people sharing the same air supply. Your body will thank you when you are on a brief layover between legs of a flight step outside the airport building, if possible, to get a little fresh air.

Save Your Back

A heavy suitcase or carry-on is all too often the culprit behind a shoulder, back or wrist problem that will seem to stay around forever. The best thing to do is to go as small and light as possible, and if you have to lift or carry the luggage around the airport, be smart about it.

When you first arrive at the airport, check in all you can to the destination so you don't have to lug around too much when going to your flight or transiting. It is also wise to have your carry-on on wheels for pulling around the airport.

Getting your luggage down from the overhead locker is another time that you are at risk of doing injury. That mad rush to disembark the plane upon arrival, bending backwards, leaning across seats and twisting around to wrestle a heavy bag out of the overhead storage bin is the perfect opportunity to sustain an unexpected injury.  Wait until you can properly get it down without having to strain. An extra minute or two won't kill you.

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Wishing you safe travels on your next trip, and hoping you can create a good travel fitness routine.

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