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Home Exercise Weights

It is possible to create a very effective exercise strength training program right in your own home, with exercises that you can load with weights using everyday items from around the home.

Here are a few suggestions of weights from around the home. You can use your imagination and find even more things to use. Each method has a few ideas of exercises that it can be used for. See the list of home exercises and the home workout routine for an exercise program using this method. If you can afford it, buying some dumbbells will make it a bit easier.

Step UpsBuckets

Using buckets are a great option, as they come with a handle, and can be filled with as much water as you want, therefore the weight load can be easily adjusted to your desired level. Remember that one liter of water = 1 kg of weight. You can use this method for step-ups and squats.

Bent over rowsMilk bottles

Fill up a 2 liter bottle with water and you have a 2kg weight, and they even come with a handles. If you need more weight, using a bucket is the better an option. You can use this method for bicep curls, bent-over rows and overhead tricep extension.

Home Bucket Squat ExerciseUsing Shopping bags

Here is another use for plastic shopping bags, helping the recycling cause. Simply fill the bags with items until the desired weight is reached. Be careful not to overload them, as you are probably aware that they have a habit of breaking when you least want them too! You can use this method with squats, lunges and step-ups and upright Rows.


A backpack is made to carry weight, and it may also have straps to secure it firmly to your body. Fill your backpack bag with items until the desired weight is reached. You can use this method for squats, lunges step-ups and stair climbs.


You can use full bricks or break them in half if you need a lower weight. You can use this method for lateral raises, push-ups (raised on bricks), front raise, bench press.

push-up exercise

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