Major League Soccer Combine

The Major League Player Combine is held each year prior to the SuperDraft. The participants are selected by a committee of MLS coaches and NCAA Division I coaches from every conference. After a day of fitness testing, the player form teams and play a series of matches under the eyes of MLS coaches and staff. See the MLS Combine fitness test results: 2012 (part results), 2013 (top 5), and top 10 for 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. You can also see the table of best results since 2013.

Caribbean Player Combine

The first Caribbean Player Combine was held in 2014, from January 2-4. It was held at the Antigua Recreation Grounds in St. John's, Antigua. Players aged 18-21, from 16 different Caribbean nations, were hoping to get noticed and get an invitation to the MLS Combine the following week.

Fitness Tests

There are just three fitness tests conducted at the MLS Combine.

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