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NRFL Combine

The National Rugby Football League (NRFL) in the USA has conducted combines for a spot in a planned national league. The combine is geared towards ex-NFL players, and other cross-over sports, as well as rugby players throughout the US. The first combine was held in 2014 in Minnesota and about 130-140 athletes attended. The 2015 combine in LA had 240 players attend.

The NRFL is a new proposed league, and has no affiliation with USA Rugby. USA Rugby also hold a one day 'combine' - National Tracking Camps (NTC)

For the athletes attending the combine, rugby knowledge is not essential. Attitude, the ability to listen and process instructions correctly and quickly, and physicality are the characteristics will be tested.

The Tests

No official details of the specific testing at the combine has been made available. The test protocols seem to be similar to that used for the NFL Combine.


Top combine results from 2014 included: 40-yard dash (4.31 sec), Bench press (31 reps of 225 lbs), Vertical (40 inch), 60-yard shuttle (11.12 sec).

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