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Major League Soccer Combine 2019

The 2019 MLS Player Combine was held at the Orlando City Stadium from January 3-9. An initial list of 60 NCAA Division I college players were invited.


The table below lists the top 10 performances in each of the three tests. DeJuan Jones, a forward out of Michigan State, was the top performer in both the 30-meter sprint (3.82 seconds) and agility dash (3.92 seconds), and third in the vertical jump (35 inches). DeJuan Jones's shuttle run test time was the best ever for the MLS combine. See the all time best performances.

Speed Test (30-meter dash)

The average time was 4.18 seconds (and 1.8 for 10m).

Rank Time (seconds) Name School Position
1 3.82 DeJuan Jones Michigan State F
2 3.84 Prosper Figbe Virginia D
3 3.95 Jonas Loebe Fordham M/F
4 3.95 Tajon Buchanon Syracuse F
5 3.95 Eduvie Ikoba Dartmouth F
6 3.96 Sean McSherry Princeton D
7 3.97 Don Tchilao Oregon State F
8 3.97 Rece Buckmaster Indiana D
9 3.98 Mamadi Camara Simon Fraser M/F
10 3.98 Roy Boateng UC Davis D

Agility Test (5-10-5 shuttle)

The average time was 4.27 seconds.

Rank Time (seconds) Name School Position
1 3.92 DeJuan Jones Michigan State F
2 3.98 Tucker Bone Air Force M
3 4.01 Logan Gdula Wake Forest D
  4.01 Brendan McDonough Georgetown D
5 4.02 Amir Bashti Stanford M/F
6 4.05 Sean McSherry Princeton D
7 4.07 Alex Comsia North Carolina D
8 4.08 Hassani Dotson Oregon State M
9 4.09 Emil Cuello Southern Methodist M
10 4.11 Nils Bruenig North Carolina D/M
  4.11 Callum Montgomery   CB

Power Test (vertical jump)

The average jump height was 28.1 inches.

Rank Inches Name School Position
1 36.0 Roy Boateng UC Davis D
2 35.5 Prosper Figbe Virginia D
3 35.0 DeJuan Jones Michigan State F
4 34.5 Jacob Hauser-Ramsey UConn D
5 33.5 Marcello Borges Michigan D
6 33.5 Sebastian Elney Maryland F
7 33.5 Don Tchilao Oregon State F
8 32.5 Luis Barraza Marquette GK
9 32.0 Tajon Buchanon Syracuse F
10 32.0 Kervin Kenton Fadel Coastal Carolina D

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