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Major League Soccer Combine 2016

The 2016 MLS Player Combine was held in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida from January 7-12. A total of 73 players were invited to the Combine, though a few did not participate in any of the fitness tests.


The table below lists the top 10 performances in each of the three tests. See the all time best performances.

Speed Test (30-meter dash)

rank Name School Position Time (seconds)
1 Hadji Barry Central Florida F 3.88
2 Josh Yaro Georgetown D 3.93
3 Alex Morrell North Florida M 3.97
4  Kevaughn Frater International F 3.99
  Colin Bonner UNC-Wilmington F 3.99
  Richie Layrea Akron M 3.99
7 Taylor Washington George Mason D 4.01
8 Darius Madison UMBC F 4.03
9 Omar Holness North Carolina M 4.04
  Jamie Luchini Lehigh F 4.04

Agility Test (5-10-5 shuttle)

rank Name School Position Time (seconds)
1 Paul Clowes Clemson M 4.04
2  Vincent Mitchell Syracuse M/F 4.05
3 Dennis Castillo VCU D 4.09
4 Keegan Rosenberry Georgetown D 4.11
5 Andrew Tarbell Clemson GK 4.14
6 Kyle Parker Charlotte F 4.16
7 Patrick Hodan Charlotte M 4.18
  Femi Hollinger-Janzen Indiana F 4.18
  Alex Morrell North Florida M 4.18
10 Todd Wharton Virgnia M 4.20
  Rodrigo Saravia Florida Gulf Coast D/M 4.20
  Josh Turnley Georgetown D 4.20

Power Test (vertical jump)

rank Name School Position Height (inches)
1 Josh Turnley Georgetown D 33.5
2 Keegan Rosenberry Georgetown D 32
3  Josh Yaro Georgetown D 31.5
4 Connor Klekota Notre Dame M 31
  Jordan McCrary North Carolina D 31
  Colin Bonner UNC-Wilmington F 31
7 Taylor Washington George Mason D 30.5
8 Hadji Barry Central Florida F 30.5
9 Brandon Vincent Stanford D 30.5
10 Darius Madison UMBC F 30
  Patrick Hodan Charlotte M 30
  Alex Morrell North Florida F 30
  Timo Pitter Creighton M/F 30
  Connor Sparrow Creighton GK 30

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