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NBA Pre-Draft Combine Camp

A pre-draft camp is held annually prior to the NBA draft. Many prospective NBA players participate in the camp in the hope of being noticed and selected by a NBA team. Those who are sure-things for the draft do not tend to participate in these camps, instead are invited to join prospective teams for some training sessions.

At the camp, players perform a physical conducted by health professionals, perform a series of physical fitness tests (see the best scores from the camp), and many on court skill drills and games. They perform many skill drills such as shooting from the three point arc, though most teams are interested on how they perform in game conditions.

The camp lasts several days. On the first day, coaches will introduce the players to what is ahead of them - they will then teach some plays, evaluate some strengths and weaknesses and begin to run 5x5 scrimmages. On the following days, there will be more drills, though they will also play actual games with referees and stats, while trainers from 5-6 teams are on hand to put the players through individual tests to measure several key skills.

Also during the camp the players will attend meetings that will give an overview of life in the NBA, preparing them for the possible life ahead if they are successful at being drafted.


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