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Dating a Fitness Instructor

Dating a fitness instructor might be what dreams are made of. Essentially, you’re guaranteed to date someone who keeps in shape while they’ll help you live a healthy lifestyle too. However, dating a fitness instructor might not be akin to going out with an individual who works in another industry – all of them, for that matter. Therefore, it pays to learn what to expect.

Working Out as a CoupleWorking Out as a Couple

One of the main considerations is the commitment a fitness instructor will have. Most likely, they love their profession, and their body is their temple. It makes them expect a certain standard when it comes to eating and staying active, so don’t be afraid of initiating the conversation, but expect certain tricky questions. And don’t screw it up when asking them out on a date; a fast food joint will definitely not do! Another thing to be prepared for is that they’ll be highly motivated and always packed with energy, so sitting still won’t be an option, even if you have a physical job. So, it helps to learn what else could happen.

Evident Expectations

Unlike standard relationships, there’s some expectations and boxes to tick when dating a fitness instructor. You’ll be expected to follow a certain lifestyle, or they’ll scream, “drop and give me 30 push-ups!” In all seriousness, understanding these expectations will reduce the likelihood of surprises and make it possible to prepare accordingly.

Be Ready to Push Your Limits

Are you someone who prefers a relaxed lifestyle? Are you one to flop onto the sofa after a day at work? When dating a fitness instructor, those days are gone. You’ve got to be prepared to push your limits in everything you do. It’s all or nothing, whether that’s keeping fit or in your relationship. Instructors are constantly looking for their next goal or achievement, so always keep moving and be prepared to push a little further every day! Sitting back and living a sedentary lifestyle is never enough to keep you in a relationship with a coach.

Healthy Diet is a Must

Grabbing an unhealthy takeout when time is tight is no longer an option. Preparing ahead with snacks on the move is always a must when dating a fitness instructor. Furthermore, fancy grabbing a pizza delivery after work? Forget it! Your diet is going to experience a complete overhaul, which is no bad thing! How do you think fitness instructors stay in shape? They train hard and eat well. Of course, finding a balance is important, but when you fancy something deep-fried, they’ll be busy chopping lettuce and tomatoes. Be prepared to indulge in a healthy diet because this is something they won’t let go of!

Routine is Only for a Gym

Their entire life will revolve around training themselves and training clients. So, coaches’ lives are based around the gym. Wherever they go, the training will be on their mind. Book a holiday, and you can be sure that they request that the hotel has a gym. There’s nothing wrong with training hard, but sometimes they need to remember that life has more to it. Despite this, their livelihoods are based around keeping active and fit, which is why working out is so important to them. So, don’t be disappointed with their passion for hitting the gym; you’ll just need to accept and work around it.

Working Out as a Couple

Dating a fitness instructor doesn’t only come with their good looks. In fact, you’re going to need to stock up on working out clothing because working out together is going to become a real thing!

Improve Your Efficiency

So, you’re dating a fitness instructor. Exploring this territory is going to require your attention when it comes to working out. Therefore, it might pay to indulge in some extra training because expectations are rising! When training with a fitness instructor, you’re going to be expected to be super fit. If you’re not fit, you’re going to get found out! So, it’ll pay to keep active and improve your stamina which is always good for other reasons! By putting in the effort, you’ll be able to impress your date, but more importantly, you’ll be able to keep up with them at the same time!

Set and Achieve Goals Together

Whether you’re both looking to run faster, add muscle, or lose weight, setting goals together can become a great way of building a bond with each other. With common goals comes an ability to work together and celebrate each other’s successes. It’s like a team effort which is something worth exploring when you’re dating a fitness instructor as it’ll bring you closer together. These goals can be as big or as small as you want them to be. The idea is that training together will bring you closer together, and that’ll strengthen your relationship.

Reward Each Other For Your Achievements

The goals you set can become goals with extra special rewards. Sure, reaching your goals will leave you with a better-looking body, but there’s more on offer here. Being with a fitness instructor will ensure you’re pushed to your limits, but that could lead to something more. Whether they reach their goals or you reach your target, the great thing can be the rewards you set, which can mean a whole lot of fun in the bedroom. Those rewards can be more than enough to discover exactly why you’re dating each other.

Bonus: Simple Couples Workout Ideas

There’s always another bonus that comes with dating a fitness instructor - the ability to benefit from amazing couple workout routines. However, if you’re looking for some ideas for working out together, then these ideas can help. It’s well worth bringing ideas to the mix to impress your date, even if they are experts in the fitness industry. So, suggest these workout ideas, and you’ll impress them even more, which is always a bonus and will earn you some serious points!

Wheelbarrow Walk

The wheelbarrow walk might seem like an older workout idea, but it’s proven to help you work your bodies in several ways. With one standing and the other laying on the floor on their stomach, the standing person will pick the other up by their legs. The person being held by their legs will then raise their arms in a press-up position before being pushed by the other. This requires the person being held to walk using their arms while the person carrying will receive a full-body workout.

Hook Squats

Hook Squats are a great way of working many different muscles in the body. This is an all-in-one movement that provides an excellent way of working the body in a different way. You can do this exercise by working together and facing each other. All it requires is for you to take up the squat position before pushing upwards in an explosive motion and then using your strongest arm to carry out a hook or a punch, as it is also known. It works the legs and the upper body, which is great for overall strength.

Plank With Reach

The Plank is already known to be a challenging workout exercise, but this one offers a different take. As you assume the plank position, which involves being on your front and then raising the body up, so you’re resting on your forearms and your toes. Holding this position is good for your core and strength, but to make this exercise more challenging, you can then add in the reach. This means that while you hold the position, you stretch out one arm in front and hold that for several seconds before switching to the other arm.

Band Exercises

Band exercises are extremely popular because it’s a flexible way to workout using different exercises. You can use bands to work the legs, work the arms and other parts of the body by using them to replicate using weights. 

If you’re dating a fitness instructor, there’s always plenty to think about, but you can be sure you’ll enjoy every second. With their approach to life and the need to keep fit, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy every single second of keeping fit and active in more ways than one!

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