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Have you ever thought about a fitness date?

When most people think about dates, they imagine candlelit dinners. Why is that the convention when so many people are merely trying to test their compatibility and fit in time for a workout? A fitness date could be the perfect way for people to spend time with their romantic partners and keep in shape. We will take a deeper look at why such a date could be hugely beneficial.

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Who is it for?

What kind of people would benefit most from having a fitness date? We have identified three specific groups of people who could benefit from working out instead of having drinks at a bar.

Newly formed couples with a shared passion for sports

First off, a couple that could benefit from this type of date is the newly formed variety that enjoys playing sports. Oftentimes, you will find that such couples are anxious to meet others by using a website where they can interact with hundreds of local people of different hobbies, including sports. Couples that are just starting out want to try new things; that’s why they join dating sites in the first place, especially those centered on casual dates. Moreover, dating sites make it easy to find fellow sports lovers from one’s area without having to waste hours seeking people. Once these couples are formed and ready to go, they can share that passion for sports through training, watching professionals, or playing on teams.

Established couples who want to become fitter

Couples that have been together for a while and want to work on their physical fitness could also benefit from a fitness date. These interactions will help them cut down on their weight, increase their physical fitness, and improve other parts of their lives while giving them a reason to spend time together!

Couples who stuck in a rut and want to reduce stress

Many couples begin to feel that they are in a rut at some point in their relationship. As a result, stress builds up, they become snippier towards each other, and the relationship suffers. Getting out of a rut means that people need to spend time with their romantic partners in a constructive manner. As such, it’s a great idea for couples that hit a rough patch to start exercising together. They can work out their stress, get in shape, and spend time with each other that doesn’t have to be focused on work or children.

These are just some of the major groups of people that benefit from having a fitness date. Most others could get some sort of benefit from this situation as well.

Important considerations

Before you start setting up fitness dates with your new partner or your established partner, you must think about several different facets of the plan. You can’t just jump into physically challenging acts with someone that may not have exercised much in the last three years. Consider the following aspects of your unique situation and focus on what you truly need.

Set your goals right away

You must set goals about the sports dates right away. Otherwise, you will have no frame of reference and nothing to keep working towards as a couple. Goals can come in many different forms. You could consider that you want to lose a certain amount of weight before a set time of the year. You may want to go out and exercise five days per week except for holidays and vacations. These are all examples of goals that you can set. Essentially, you need the goals to be specific and measurable so you can determine if you made the goal or whether it needs to get adjusted.

In the context of relationships, you can set partnership and exercise-oriented goals where you dedicate yourselves to spending a certain number of days together with one another in a month. Then you would add in the amount of exercise that you want to have or the improvements you need to see.

Account for your current level of fitness

You can’t just jump into training for a marathon if you’ve never run so much as a 5K. You need to sit down with your partner and come up with a baseline measure of your physical fitness. Then you can plan a slow and steady increase in fitness that will develop throughout your workouts with your date.

Discuss your preferences in exercises

Not every person enjoys the same kinds of exercise. Some people are all about distance-running and other people prefer to work on their upper body muscle groups to look good. Compromise with your partner and come up with different exercises that will help you both meet your goals.

These are the basic things you must consider before having an effective fitness date.

What activities to choose

Next, you need to think about what exercises are best for you and your partner. We have broken down a list of common exercises based on their difficulty and barriers to entry.

Easy level

These easy exercises are something that everyone can do at a low level and then work their way up.

These easy exercises are simple to learn and don’t cost too much to do on a date.


Some exercises are much harder and require expertise; consider the following.

These harder exercises are perfect for people that want a more intense fitness and romantic experience.

Perfect ending

Once you have ended the date, you should end it on a high note. You can do that by:

give each other a relaxing massage

This probably won’t happen if you are a new couple. Eventually, you will get used to each other’s bodies, and massages will become acceptable and somewhat expected.

cook a healthy meal together

You’re bound to need food after a hard bout of exercise. Refuel with a healthy meal with lots of protein and vegetables.

The perfect ending to a fitness date ensures that other ones will take place in the future!

Working with someone else to get fit can be a very enriching experience. You will need to work hard to reach your goals and push your date to reach theirs. Just make sure you find someone on the same page as you physically or update your exercise regimen to include them in a safe, productive way.

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