World Tennis Calendar

Here is a list of the upcoming major Tennis sporting events. Not every sporting event can be listed here, though we have tried to include all the big sporting events, mostly the international competitions.

Important tennis tour events include four majors: Australian Open, US Open, French Open and Wimbledon, plus the Davis cup and the new ATP Cup.

See also the current major sporting events calendar.

Let me know if you think something is missing or needs updating.

Year Date(s) Event Location
2022 Jan 17-30 Australian Open Melbourne, Australia
  May 22 - Jun 5 French Open Paris, France
  Jun 27 - Jul 10 Wimbledon London, England
  Aug 29 - Sep 11 US Open New York, USA
  Sep 14-18 Davis Cup Finals (group stage) Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Spain
  Oct 30 - Nov 6 WTA Finals ?
  Nov 8-13 Billie Jean King Cup ?
  Nov 13-20 ATP Finals Turin, Italy
  Nov 23-27 Davis Cup Finals (knockout stage) ?
2023 Jan 16-29 Australian Open Melbourne, Australia
  April? Billie Jean King Cup ?
  May 28 - Jun 11 French Open Paris, France
  Jul 3-16 Wimbledon London, England
  Aug/Sep? US Open New York, USA
  Oct ? WTA Finals ?
  Nov? Davis Cup Finals ?
  Nov ? ATP Finals ?
2024 Jan? Australian Open Melbourne, Australia
  May? French Open Paris, France
  Jul 1-14 Wimbledon London, England
  Aug/Sep? US Open New York, USA
  Oct ? WTA Finals ?
  Nov ? ATP Finals ?

note: any date and time listed represent the local date and time

disclaimer: Please note that event dates are believed to be correct at the time of publication, though they are subject to change.

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