ICC Champions Trophy

The ICC Champions Trophy is a One Day International (ODI) tournament that is coordinated by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The Champions Trophy is second in importance to the Cricket World Cup.

In its first tournament held in Bangladesh in 1998, the Champions Trophy was introduced as the ICC Knock Out Tournament. It has been played roughly every two years from the time when the title of the competition was replaced with “Champions Trophy“ in 2002.

The format used in the Knock Out tournaments varied from the formats used in the Champions Trophy. The Knock Out was an instant knock out with no pools and the defeated in each game is removed from the game. The competition only included the eight highest-ranked One Day International (ODI) teams as of six months earlier ahead of the competition.

In 2013, it was announced that the 2013 Champions Trophy would be the last, replaced in the cricketing calendar by the ICC World Test Championship. However, in early January 2014, the ICC confirmed that a Champions Trophy tournament was to be held in 2017 and the planned World Test Championship has been called off.

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