Equipment to Start Running

The first steps to a running program for fitness. This is what you will need.


Runners, Sneakers

Make sure you have a trusty pair of running shoes. If you are buying a new pair, make sure you break them in slowly with short runs or wear them around house for a while. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on the best brand name shoes - you just need something reliable and ones that feel comfortable for you. There is nothing worse than blisters to ruin the start of your new fitness regime. A new pair of socks, with no holes and a good cushioning effect will help you feel comfortable right from the start.

Shirt and Shorts

Again, you don't need to buy the latest trendy gear. Anything that is comfortable and suitable for the environment that you will be running in. As you progress in the run your body temperature will increase. Bulky clothing will only add excess weight to slow you down and fatigue you, and increase the risk of chaffing. Wear loose fitting and breathable clothing.

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Fitness Extra

If you are new to exercise, consider getting a medical assessment before doing too much. Fill out a PARQ to see if you are ready. The best thing you could do is perform a warm-up before each fitness session, which should include some stretching. When training, following correct exercise technique can help reduce injuries and maximise fitness gains.

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