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Running Races

Running races range from jogging to sprinting and unlike walking, at some point a participant’s both feet are not in contact with the ground. The history of running is as old as cave times when an ancient man had to run constantly in search of its prey. The ancient Greeks started Olympics approximately 2700 years back to honor the God Zeus. The first ever recorded running race was a sprint. Another Record of competitive running is found in the history back in 1829 BCE in the form of Tailteann Games.

Sprints are the type of a race where a participant must run as fast as he can till the end. They are the shortest races.

Middle distance races are longer than sprints. Long distance races need much stamina as they are around 5000-10000 m long.

Marathon and Ultra marathon are exclusive races that are also long distance. A participant is required to wear his official race number at all times during the race. A participant must know the entire track himself. He can carry a map for assistance. One particularly tough marathon event is the Marathon of The Sands that lasts for six days and is run in African Sahara.

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