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5 Key Tips for Choosing the Best Fitness Clothing

If you are serious about getting fitter, it is important to be well equipped, and that includes the clothing you will wear. Having all the most appropriate clothing needed means you’ll be able to work out more effectively and stay more comfortable.

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  1. Dress for comfort—Comfort is king with workout clothing; if you’re not comfortable you will not feel good nor get a good workout.
  2. Wear wicking clothing—Wicking fabrics are ideal in hot climates, and should be worn next to the skin as they pull moisture away from the body and keep you cool.
  3. Get good footwear—If you are running as part of your cardio routine, ensure you have the correct footwear. Ill-fitting footwear can lead to injuries. When buying your shoes, go to a specialist running store which will help you select the correct shoes depending on the style of your running.
  4. Buy shoes in the afternoon—Your feet are the largest later in the day, so make sure you go shopping for new shoes when they are at their largest to ensure they fit well.
  5. Take your old running shoes—When purchasing a new pair of running shoes, take along your old pair. This will allow the store to see the wear on the sole of the shoe therefore giving them an insight into your running style.

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