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To Cycle or not to Cycle ... that is the question!

by Randy Mclean

Just what is cycling anyway (and we are not talking about riding a bicycle!)? Well as you continue you will find out just how it will benefit you and make losing weight and getting into shape much easier.

When most people start an exercise program one of the main reasons they will stop is due to a lack of motivation. Looking at this further we often find that most people find their program too strenuous and overwhelming. This is perfectly understandable. But is there a solution to this problem? You bet!

As you probably know, when someone hasn't exercised in a while and is used to a generally sedentary lifestyle, the last thing a person should do is just 'jump' into a program like that. Only a select few can handle that. These are usually the people who either have very strong will power or who have exercised in the past. But for those who aren't in the above group let me introduce you to cycling.

The best way to start an exercise program is to start with a lesser volume. That way your body has time to adapt and you won't feel so inclined to give up.

Let me show you an example of this in terms of a cardio program. The times can be adjusted to your needs:

overhead press with dumbbellsintroduce greater levels of activity

See how this works? The first few weeks will give your body and mind the time it needs to adjust to this new activity you are providing. Then as you progress you introduce greater levels of activity. You will then be better prepared to take these requirements on, whatever they may be. Then once you reach your peak the activity then trails off in order to avoid burnout.

Looking at this long range you can also get a bigger picture. Since those 12 weeks will help you quite a lot you can maintain for awhile doing weeks 11 and 12. Then when you are ready to go at it again just repeat the cycle until you are happy with your results.

The same thing applies to your eating habits. If you are used to eating sweets quite frequently don't just cut them off, you'll go crazy! Instead just cut the portions down in half for example, then as you are ready you can move to the next step.

Most experts will agree that people generally set goals that are too far out of reach for themselves. This often leads to discouragement. While opinions vary try for a steady loss of two pounds per week and adjust accordingly. Take it all the way!

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