Karvonen Heart Rate Calculator

The Karvonen Formula is a mathematical formula that helps you determine your target heart rate (HR) training zones. The formula uses values for maximum and resting heart rate.

If you don't know your resting heart rate, you can use the value 70 bpm (but it is easy to measure, see measuring your resting heart rate)

If you don't know your maximum heart rate, you can calculate an estimate by taking your age from 220 (it is possible to measure it, see measuring your max heart rate)

Enter Data:

Resting HR: (or use 70)
Maximum HR: (or use 220-age)


Heart Rate Intensity Zones
Low HR
  High HR
50% to 60%
60% to 70%
70% to 80%
80% to 90%
90% to 100%

The above calculator is based on the following formula:

Target Heart Rate Intensity Zone = ((max HR − resting HR) × %Intensity) + resting HR

Ideally, you should measure the actual resting and maximum heart rate for more accurate results. If the maximum heart rate cannot be measured directly, it can be roughly estimated using the traditional formula 220 minus your age (see this table of heart rate max). Also, an average value of 70 bpm can be used for resting heart rate if it is not known. See also Resting Heart Rate, and this guide to measuring heart rate.


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