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Maximal Aerobic Speed (MAS)

Maximal Aerobic Speed (sometimes called MAS, Maximum Aerobic Speed, Max Aerobic Speed and vVO2max), is the slowest speed at which you reach VO2max. This speed is used for measuring performance and in training prescription to help set an appropriate running pace in training programs.

You can use MAS in training for developing aerobic capacity. This training method is based on improving aerobic power by spending time at the speed at which VO2max occurs.

How to Measure Maximal Aerobic Speed

You can measure MAS directly with a VO2max test, though it is usually estimated using field testing. There is a range of aerobic fitness tests that you can use to derive a MAS score. See more about measuring Maximal Aerobic Speed

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How to Use Maximal Aerobic Speed

Once you have measured or calculated your MAS, you can adjust your training zones as well as estimate your race times for appropriate distances. The intensity of interval training running speed can be expressed as a percentage of MAS and modified dependednt on the physial capacity being trained.


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