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Best Accessible Exercises for Female Couples

Millennials live a busy life, often balancing work or studies with socializing, particularly via social media. Middle-aged professionals juggle office schedules with family commitments. Newly retired women face a lot of spare time. They’re all likely to be aware of the need to keep fit but won’t necessarily have worked out the best work/leisure balance. Sports can easily be factored into your timetable. To illustrate how readily this can be done, we’ll focus on how rewarding it can be to do this as a couple. This is especially the case for relationships involving two females. So let’s examine how to ensure sports can become a vital – and fun – aspect of your romantic life.

Find a Place for Sports in Your Romantic Life

The first step towards connecting with someone new is often checking out online options for lesbian dating since there are many platforms out there that are ideal for women seeking others on the same wavelength. These dedicated outlets have specific matching algorithms that will steer lesbian newcomers towards others sharing common interests, perfect for those who want to find their soulmate. As singles are becoming familiar with a new partner, there might be a tendency to throw caution to the wind and indulge in carefree pastimes. Trips to restaurants. Coffee shops for tasty treats. Trendy bars serving mouth-watering cocktails. A better option would be to consider participating in sporting activities – the more rigorous, the better! Sports of all kinds can provide a level playing field (metaphorically as well as literally.) As you are developing rapport, discussing events or outings you could enjoy together could be an excellent ice-breaker.

This will also give you something longer-term to focus on. Instead of inane chat about places to convene for drinks or food, why not drop things like gym memberships into the conversation? What better way to kindle sparks of chemistry than setting yourself attainable targets in terms of the calories you could burn off during each treadmill session? It could be that the person you’re building a bond with is already an enthusiastic participant. Rather than shrugging and considering this is something you’ll just let her get on with, why not express an interest? Most sports involve pre-match exercises. Pop along to her next training session and become an active participant. This will be beneficial in two ways. Firstly, it will demonstrate your willingness to embrace new challenges, even if your aptitude level is going to lag for some time. Secondly, it will be excellent for your well-being as you add another form of keeping fit to your repertoire. 

- Start a relationship with a partner who shares your passion

Compatibility is the cornerstone lying behind every positive, committed relationship. If you can discover activities you can both excel at, this will allow your relationship to prosper.

- Encourage your partner to take up a sport and practice with you

Here’s a good tip for anyone seeking women who might make ideal partners for romance – forget hedonistic pursuits and consider taking out a gym membership together. This can become an excellent focal point, and new members are often assigned an expert who will talk you through the optimum equipment to utilize, as well as methods of maintaining the momentum with accessible exercising in your own time.

An equally worthwhile part of fitness is looking after your diet. Take on board advice about nutrition – and avoid eating foods containing unhealthy ingredients, such as unsaturated fat, excess sugar, or salt.

girls pushupHigh five push-ups

Try Making Certain Exercises Together to Have More Fun

Speaking about accessible activities, there are a lot of basic movements that can be practiced at home that are super-efficient for the female physique. Get kitted up appropriately, and try out our top five.

- Back-to-back wall sits

One of the most accessible exercises there is, all you and your partner have to do is stand with your backs to each other and lean on. Perhaps put on a playlist you both enjoy. At a signal, both ease down until you’re crouching. This will place strain on the muscles around your backs, midriffs, and thighs. Count to 10 before stretching back up. The great thing about doing exercises with your female partner is you can encourage each other. See about the wall sit exercise.

- Medicine ball reverse lunge

You’ll need a medicine ball. Hold it just up from your chest, standing face to face with your partner. Keeping in sync, lower yourselves onto your left knees, push back up, and pass the ball. Repeat this motion with your right legs. Try five times for starters, and then increase the count. See the reverse lunge exercise.

- High five push-ups

Choose a convenient strip of floor, lie face down, facing each other, say half a meter apart. Each pushes up with their arms. Force yourselves up as far as you can, then high five to your partner with the nearest palm before repeating. This exercise is good for your anterior deltoids. See the push-up exercise.

- Side plank pass

This is an excellent exercise for joint participation. You and your partner lie on your sides, about a foot apart, facing the same direction, resting on one arm. The girl behind lifts a weight with her free hand passes it forward. The one in front stretches with their free arm, clutches it, and passes it back under their body. The first partner collects with her free hand. Repeat. See the plank exercise.

- Leg throw-downs

Take turns about. One of you stands; the other lies on their back, hands grasping behind the first person’s legs. The partner on the ground raises their legs straight and upwards – think of a clock’s hand moving anti-clockwise, from three back up to 12. The female standing pushes the feet away. Repeat.

Budget-Friendly Sports Activities for Lesbian Couples

One issue with exercises is they can become repetitive. So you and your partner need to try out different activities. Here are our ‘top four’ sports that will take you beyond the gym mat.

- Dancing

Invigorating and fun! Join a dance class together. This could cover everything from ballroom to salsa. Moving in synchronicity to pulsating music is a tremendous muscle and cardiovascular workout.

- Boxing

As well as building stamina and fine-tuning your reflexes, boxing is wonderful for mental health. It also builds trust and mutual respect.

- Badminton

Badminton is good for developing eye-body coordination. The physical and competitive elements will get those positive hormones flooding. If you play against other couples, the collaboration will be exciting and bring you closer.

- Tandem kayaking

Clambering into a kayak together is one of the best ways to cement your bond. As well as building your arm muscles and improving your blood pressure and heart rate, the scenery changes constantly!

Why Doing Sports Together Is Great for the Relationship

One of the most beneficial aspects of participating in sports as a lesbian couple is the boost it gives your mental health. Females’ bodies release certain chemicals during physical exertion. A growth hormone will continue to keep your bones robust. Thyroxine (T4) is good for your metabolism. Regulating your estrogen is also beneficial. Hormones are also hugely important for sparking a positive frame of mind: as these chemicals course through your system, you’ll feel the benefit. You and your partner’s mental well-being will be kept stable. Should you find excuses to slacken your keep-fit program or lapse into binging on less-healthy food, you will notice a down-swing in your moods. If this becomes prolonged, it can eventually lead to depressive episodes. You and your girlfriend should repeat the mantra: exercise our way to a better body and an optimistic mindset.

We’ve illustrated the many sporting endeavors you and your partner could get involved with. The benefits are immense. While many sports can be solo activities, team events – even if said team is merely a pair – have so many advantages. There are so many potential pastimes to try out, and you can either home in one you both enjoy or experiment with thrilling new possibilities. These pursuits will not only bring you closer, but they’ll be so beneficial for your health and well-being.

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