Commonwealth Games Mascots

Mascots for the Commonwealth Games have been created since 1970, though not officially before 1978. They are now an integral part of the promotion and commercial success of the Commonwealth Games. See more details about the mascot for the 2010 Games (Shera) and the 2006 Mascot (Karak).

Closing ceremony of the XII Commonwealth Games, Brisbane Matilda at the closing ceremony of the XII Commonwealth Games, Brisbane

List of Mascots

City Mascot
2022: Birmingham Perry, a bull adorned with a patchwork of multi-coloured hexagons. A national design competition was held, and the design is based on the winning design by 10-year-old Emma Lou.
2018: Gold Coast Borobi, the Blue koala. The features of Borobi include blue fur and coloured ears, crimson nose, sunscreen, Indigenous markings on hands and feet. The design was picked from 4,000 entries in a national competition, idea by Upper Kedron teacher Merrilyn Krohn.
2014: Glasgow Clyde the Thistle man, is named after the host city’s famous river. The mascot design was chosen from more than 4000 entries in a UK-wide competition, won by 12-year-old Beth Gilmour.
2010: Delhi Shera, a Royal Bengal Tiger. The mascot is depicted wearing a white sporting jersey and blue shorts. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the national animal of India. The mascot embodies values that the Indian nation is proud of: majesty, courage, power and grace.
2006: Melbourne Karak, a south-eastern Red-tailed Black Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus banksii graptogyne) .
2002:Manchester Kit, a Cat
1998: Kuala Lumpur Wira, the Orang Utan. Wira, which means warrior in the local Malaysian tongue, was designed to portray the friendly personality of the games host, Malaysia - strong and proud and yet gentle and humble.
1994: Victoria Klee Wyck, an Orca (Killer) Whale
1990: Auckland Goldie the Kiwi bird
1986: Edinburgh Mac, a black "Scottie" dog
1982: Brisbane Matilda, the Kangaroo
1978: Edmonton Keyano, a Swan Hills Grizzly Bear; Keyano is a Cree Indian word which means unity and brotherhood
1974: Christchurch The Shiwi, a sheepskin Kiwi, was created but it may not have been an official mascot. Like its feathered counterpart, the shiwi was a bird that could not fly, but it did squeak under pressure.
1970: Edinburgh Organisers attempted to create a mascot. Drawings were produced for a kilted haggis character with the working name of "wee Mannie". Despite a competition for schoolchildren to name the mascot, the idea was dropped after complaints about the design, and a preference for the official crest.


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