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Top Australian Athletes Earnings Lists

From 1997 until 2014, the Australian Business Review Weekly (BRW) magazine published a list of the top-50 highest-earning sports stars in Australia. The list was published in December each year. BRW was the leading business magazine examining the trends and opportunities shaping Australian business, but in 2013 the weekly magazine ceased to be published, though a website version continued. Since 2017, a similar list was published by the Australian Financial Review, with golfer Jason Day at the top. In the years 2014-2016, there has been some information about Australia's top sporting earners, and this has been included too.

The lists of highest-earning sport stars in Australia are compiled by journalists and the earnings are based on the estimated gross earnings including prize money, endorsements, sponsorships, appearance fees and other income from sport-related business. The earnings were based on the calendar year. Here are the top-10 earners for each year, with the full list (where available if you follow the year link)

Top Australian Sports Earners for each year

Here are the annual list leaders for each list since the first in 1997, and links to a list of the top-10 for each year. Traditionally the lists have been dominated by golf and soccer stars, but this changed to motorsports athletes dominating the lists and US-based basketballer Andrew Bogut top of the list from 2011 till 2015.

Year Name Sport Earnings ($AUD)
2020 Daniel Ricciardo Formula 1 $44 m
2019 Daniel Ricciardo Formula 1 $29.1 m
2018 Andrew Bogut Basketball $81 m
2017 Jason Day Golf $18.29 m
2016 Jason Day? Golf $23.6 m
2015 Andrew Bogut? Basketball $16.6 m
2014 Andrew Bogut Basketball $16.2 m
2013 Andrew Bogut Basketball $16.04 m
2012 Andrew Bogut Basketball $13.5 m
2011 Andrew Bogut Basketball $13.0 m
2010 Mark Webber Motorsport $13.4 m
2009 Greg Norman Golf $15.0 m
2008 Greg Norman Golf $20.9 m
2007 Greg Norman Golf $20.0 m
2006 Greg Norman Golf $20.0 m
2005 Greg Norman Golf $15.0 m
2004 Greg Norman Golf $18.0 m
2003 Greg Norman Golf $20.3 m
2002 Greg Norman Golf $24.6 m
2001 Greg Norman Golf $48.255 m
2000 Greg Norman Golf $47.8 m
1999 Greg Norman Golf $40.2 m
1998 Greg Norman Golf $37.3 m
1997 Greg Norman Golf $29.32 m
1993 Greg Norman golf $25.3 million

The sources of this information has changed over time. The Australian Business Review Weekly (BRW) published lists from 1997 until 2014. In 2015 and 2016 the information is from other sources, and from 2017 onwards, the list has been published by the Australian Financial Review, which had taken over BRW. Since 2020, it appears that the list os no longer published at all.

Compare these lists to the international annual top earners list published by ESPN, Sports Illustrated and Forbes Magazine

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