Bogut is Top Paid Australian Sportsman for 2013

Here are the top earning Australian sports people for the year 2013, as published by the Business Review Weekly (BRW). Only the top 10 of their "Top 50 Sports Earners" list is shown. The list is compiled by BRW journalists and includes gross wages, prize money, sponsorships and endorsements. See other BRW Top Earners from other years, and also how these compare to the international top earner lists.

US based basketballer Andrew Bogut continues at the top of this list, thanks to a contract extension with the NBA's Golden States Warriors worth about $44 million for three years.

The new comer to the top 10 was basketballer Kyrie Irving, with Casey Stoner and Cadel Evans dropping out of the top 10 compared to last year.

The highest ranked female athlete was tennis player Samantha Stosur at 29th with $1.8m earnings, down from 20th last year. The only other female in the top 50 was Surfer Stephanie Gilmore just behind Stosur at 32 on the list.

Rank Name Sport Earnings ($AUD) last year
1 Andrew Bogut Basketball $16.0 million 1
2 Adam Scott Golf $15.5 million 3
3 Mark Webber Motorsport $10.0 million 2
4 Jason Day Golf $7.5 million =10
5 Kyrie Irving Basketball $6.5 million >10
6 Shane Watson Cricket $4.5 million =7
7 Michael Clarke Cricket $5.5 million 5
8 Luke Wilkshire Soccer $5.0 million 6
9 Grant Balfour Baseball $4.0 million =10
10 Tim Cahill Soccer $4.5 million =7

Source: BRW, as published in BRW online on 2 Feb, 2014.

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