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It is said that Brazil has some of the most beautiful people on Earth and, honestly, I would have to agree but they are not just a bunch of beautiful people. They are also one of the craziest people when it comes to sports.

Brazil football fanBrazil football fan

Who in the mixed martial arts world do not know the name Gracie? Jiu jitsu is not originally from Brazil unlike capoeira but it is a Brazilian by the name of Hélio Gracie that made it known to the world. These two are just some of the traditional sports of Brazil but recently; Brazilians have gone crazy over football and why not? They have only won the FIFA World Cup 5 times. This is a feat that not a lot of country can even come close to and while most countries can't even qualify for the FIFA World Cup, Brazil does it each and every time. With players like Kaká, Garrincha, Ronaldo, Romário, Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, and Pele, one of the all time world record holder for scoring, in their roster, it is not so hard to believe.

Other sports like basketball, tennis and volleyball are also big in Brazil and they have a lot of athletes who have made it big in the international stage too like Maria Esther Bueno, who won seven singles titles (4 US Opens and 3 Wimbledon) and twelve doubles (5 Wimbledon, 4 US Open, 2 Roland Garros and 1 Australian Open).

When it comes to volleyball, their men and women's team have quite an achievements' list too. Their men's volleyball team has 2 gold and 3 silver Olympic medals, a 3-time World Championships gold medalist, 2-time World Cup winners, 9-time FIVB World League champions, and 4-time Volleyball Grand Champions Cup winners. Their women's team is also quite a powerhouse taking home 2 gold and 2 bronze Olympic medals, 3 World Championship silver medals, 10-time FIVB World Grand Prix winners and 2-time Volleyball Grand Champions Cup winners.

Brazil has been participating in the Summer Olympic Games since 1920 except in the 1928 Games. Brazilians have taken home a total of 108 Olympic medals with volleyball, sailing and judo as their most successful events. They have been competing in the Winter Olympic Games since 1992 but are yet to take home any medals from it. Also, Rio de Janeiro is the venue for the 2016 Olympics.

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