The ANOC World Beach Games

The inaugural ANOC World Beach Games was scheduled for 2017, then postponed until 2019, though the planned event in San Francisco was cancelled due to lack of sponsorship. We are waiting for a new venue to be announced, and maybe a new date. The World Beach Games is an event organized by the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC).

The event will feature about 20 sports which will be a mixture of sports traditionally played on sand - like beach volleyball and beach football - and others which take place on the water, such as dragon boat racing, surfing, yacht-racing and wakeboarding. Skateboarding, surfing and sport climbing - three youth orientated disciplines which are looking to be included for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics - are among those to be proposed, while Esports is also set to be included. The final decision about which sports are included will be based on discussions between ANOC and the selected host city.

This sporting event will be unique in a way that it will test the sportsmen and athletes’ fair playing character and also provide the best amenities as well as facilities developed by the local technology.

The sports planned to be included are as follows:

The Next World Beach Games

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