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The World Beach Games

The World Beach Games is an event organized by the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC). The inaugural ANOC World Beach Games was scheduled for 2017, then postponed until 2019, then the planned event in San Francisco was canceled due to lack of sponsorship. A new event was then held in Doha, Qatar in 2019.

In 2019, nearly 1,300 athletes from 97 NOCs competed across 13 sports (14 disciplines). The event featured sports which were a mixture of sports traditionally played on sand or taking place on the water.

The second World Beach Games were planned to be held in Bali, Indonesia, in 2023. However, with a month to go, Bali withdrew as hosts. The event was therefore canceled, with no time to find a new host.

Events Held at the 2019 World Beach Games

  1. 3x3 basketball
  2. BMX racing
  3. Beach Soccer
  4. Beach Handball
  5. Karate (kata)
  6. Kiteboarding
  7. Park Skateboarding
  8. Bouldering (Sport climbing)
  9. Surfing: Longboard & Shortboard
  10. Open water swimming
  11. Beach Tennis
  12. Aquathlon
  13. 4x4 beach volleyball
  14. WaterskiingWakeboarding & Jumps
  15. Beach wrestling

10 core sports for future world beach games

ANOC announced that a core program of 10 non-Olympic sports will feature at future Games. The second World Beach Games scheduled for 2023 did not go ahead.

  1. Open water swimming (5km)
  2. Beach water polo
  3. Beach soccer
  4. Beach handball
  5. Individual kata karate
  6. Kite foil
  7. Beach tennis
  8. Aquathlon - a triathlon of running and swimming
  9. 4x4 beach volleyball
  10. Beach wrestling

Additional sports added to the core sports

Upcoming World Beach Games

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