Fitness Testing for Children

Physical fitness has traditionally been associated with young adults through to the middle-aged population. However, it is important to monitor fitness and encourage activity from an early age. There are several programs that have fitness testing protocols designed for assessing school age children, such as the President's Challenge in the USA. Testing children younger than school age would not be appropriate.

Some Testing Programs for School Age Children

children's netball game Children's netball game

Specific Tests

The tests that are used in the assessment of the fitness of school age children have been carefully selected to be appropriate to their level. Some tests been adapted using lower weights, distances and times, and using simple instructions and modified equipment, while there are others are the same test procedures as used for adults.

Here are some tests that have been designed specifically for testing the young, or are common tests that have been modified to suit testing of children. There are many other tests on the complete Fitness Testing List that would also be suitable for testing children.

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