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Eurofit Fitness Testing Battery

The Eurofit Physical Fitness Test Battery is a set of nine physical fitness tests covering flexibility, speed, endurance and strength. The standardized test battery was devised by the Council of Europe, for children of school age and has been used in many European schools since 1988. The series of tests are designed so that they can be performed within 35 to 40 minutes, using very simple equipment. A similar Eurofit for adults was published in 1995.

Eurofit Fitness Testing BatteryEurofit Fitness Testing Battery


The following 10 tests from the Eurofit Manual are the standard tests recommended for testing school age children.

  1. Anthropometry: height, weight, BMI, %body fat from skinfold thickness
  2. Flamingo Balance test — single leg balance test
  3. Plate Tapping — tests speed of limb movement
  4. Sit-and-Reach — flexibility test (using 15cm at the level of the feet)
  5. Standing Broad Jump — measures explosive leg power.
  6. Handgrip Test — measures static arm strength
  7. Sit-Ups in 30 seconds — measures trunk strength
  8. Bent Arm Hang — muscular endurance/functional strength
  9. 10 x 5 meter Shuttle Run — measures running speed and agility
  10. 20m endurance shuttle-run (bleep test) — cardiorespiratory endurance


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