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Infant Length / Height Measurement

The height measurement of babies, called recumbent length, is required to be measured while lying down. While this test is commonly used for infants for height measurement, this method is also suitable for adults with illness or injury meaning they are unable to stand.

Casper being measured by a Baby Length Scale Baby Length Scale

purpose: measuring body length in infants is important for monitoring growth.

equipment required: horizontal length scale (or bench with steel ruler or tape).

procedure: The infant is placed flat on the horizontal measuring board, with footwear removed. The head should be placed against the fixed headboard, and the footboard adjusted so that it is against the base of the feet. Record the measurement to the nearest 1/2 inch / 1 cm.

target population: this test is suitable for infants up to 2-3 years old (until they can stand unaided), and also for adults with illness or injury meaning they are unable to stand.

reliability: it can be difficult to get reliable results with infants who may not lie straight.

comments: usually two people are required to conduct this test.

advantages: this is a simple and low cost measurement to perform.

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