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Timing or Speed Gates

This page is just information about speed timing systems in general. There is no specific product for sale - there is another page with some timing gates for sale.

Timing gates are very valuable tools for the exercise physiologist for timing measurement during fitness testing. They are most widely used for sprint testing, though many systems can be adapted for other applications such as measuring vertical jump height and reaction time.


There are several types of timing gates made specifically to measure running speed in fitness testing. Compared to the alternative of using a stopwatch, the timing gate provides an accurate and reliable measure of speed.

Using infra-red signal and detectors, the gates record when the beam is broken. Using different configurations, the gates should be able to be used for single sprint, repeat sprints, running back and forth through same gate, and multiple people sprinting in different lanes. Some systems may also come with a timing switch sensor mat to use for vertical jump testing.

Common Features

agility test using timing gatesagility test using timing gates

Reliability: You want a system that works well every time - there is nothing worse that getting a group of athletes together for testing and you spend ages trying to get the timing gate system working.

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