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100 fitness tips ebook100 Essential Fitness Tips

"100 Essential Fitness Tips" is a free 20-page ebook which covers 100 fitness tips on a wide range of health and fitness topics, for athletes of all levels.

Whether you are just beginning or an experienced gym junkie, you will be sure to find something new and interesting in this book. As you will see, achieving your health and fitness goals is not as simple as signing up for a gym membership. You need to know what to do and what not to do.

These tips have been acquired from over 25 years of studying, working and writing in the health and fitness field. The aim is to help you avoid the pitfalls, while also giving you a helping hand to make your goals become a reality.

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Fitness is the key to success in sport. Following basic principles, you can develop fitness components such as strength, speed and endurance. See our colection of exercises and fitness equipment. Ensure you warm-up and stretch before any workout.

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