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Skins Compression Clothing

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Skins Performance Wear

Skins™ is body-moulded compression performance apparel manufactured from the Lycra and Meryl Microfiber, and scientifically engineered to provide support and muscle alignment.

Its suggested benefits include:

The skins products have been developed over years of scientific research. Testing of athletes have shown that Skins reduces the build-up of lactic acid immediately after periods of sustained exercise, and allows for more rapid return to normal levels. Athletes experience less fatigue and soreness and recover faster.

They come in many clothing styles and colors. See a large range in the skins section of our store.

Skins Recovery Tights

Skins Performance WearSkins™ travel & recovery are body-moulded compression tights, which provide engineered gradient compression for your lower body, maintaining healthy circulation and minimizing swelling and dehydration – the primary cause of jetlag – during forced periods of inactivity. They also regulate your body temperature – they breathe, wick perspiration away from your skin and are sanitized. You will be surprised at just how much better you feel after your journey. They are not only for travel, they are also great to wear throughout the day and to bed to assist recovery and reduce the symptoms of tired, aching legs.

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