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Lat Pull-downs Behind the Neck - An exercise to avoid

by Marc David

Should perform the lat pulldown exercise with the bar in front of the head or behind the head?

There is no story to go with this one, but think about it. Eventually you'll be doing some heavy weights. In a very unnatural position. That is a recipe for injury.

It's much more natural and safe to do the lat pulldown movement to the front. Either way your lats are getting worked. But behind the neck puts pressure on the shoulders which isn't the muscle group you are trying work.

Lat Pull-downs Behind the NeckLat Pull-downs Behind the Neck

This same philosophy goes for pull-ups. They should be done to the front as well. If you do pull-downs, try doing it to the front. Don't even think about behind the neck as they won't do any more for you except possibly give your an excuse not to do any more pull-downs.

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