World Cup List of Top Goal Scorers

The overall top goal scorer in the World Cup is Germany's Miroslav Klose, who has scored at total of 16 goals. This list has been updated with the 2018 results.

Goals scored from penalty shoot-outs are not counted. See more Goal Scoring Trivia.

Rank Player Country Goals Scored
1 Miroslav Klose Germany 16
2 Ronaldo Brazil 15
3 Gerd Müller Germany 14
4 Just Fontaine France 13
5 Pele Brazil 12
6 Sandor Kocsis Hungary 11
7 Jurgen Klinsmann Germany 11
8 Helmut Rahn Germany 10
9 Teofilio Cubillas Peru 10
10 Grzegorz Lato Poland 10
11 Gary Lineker England 10
12 Thomas Müller Germany 10
13 Gabriel Batistuta Argentina 10


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