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To calculate your predicted VO2max from your 20 meter shuttle run test result, enter your level and number of shuttles for that level in the boxes below, and then click the "calculate" button. For a listing of the number of shuttles for each level, go here.

For example, if you scored 8-5 on the beep test, you would enter 8 in the first box, and 5 in the second.

Enter your Age* :
Sex : Male Female

Enter your level (e.g., 8):
Enter your number of shuttles (e.g., 5):

Press the button to see your predicted VO2max score:

Your result (ml/kg/min): 


* rating is only based on ages > 17 years

But what does this mean?


VO2max = 31.025 + (3.238 × velocity) - (3.248 × age ) + (0.1536 × age × velocity)

Reference: Ahmaidi S, Collomp K, Caillauce C, Prefaut C (1992) Maximal and functional aerobic capacity as assessed by two graduated field methods in comparison to laboratory exercise testing in moderately trained subjects. International Journal of Sports Medicine 13(3):243-248.

Reference: St Clair Gibson A, Broomhead S, Lambert MI and Hawley JA (1998) Prediction of maximal oxygen uptake from a 20 m shuttle run as measured directly in runners and squash players. Journal of Sports Sciences 16:331-335.

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