Training for the Beep Test

This page is about training to improve your aerobic fitness and beep test score. If you don't want to work hard, and/or you don't have the time to make significant changes to your fitness, there are some other methods to help maximize your beep test score, as detailed on the beep max page. For links to more information about the test, see the Beep Test Home.

The beep test is a physical fitness test of your aerobic fitness. To significantly improve your beep test score you need to do specific and general aerobic type training. You cannot avoid it, you will have to do some hard work!

Although the aerobic energy system is primarily being tested, as in most activities it is not the sole energy source, and the anaerobic system (or speed endurance / lactate tolerance) also plays a part in the beep test performance as the speed increases and effort is required to slow down and accelerate away from each turn.

The amount of training that you need to do and the intensity required will depend on your current fitness level, though as a general guideline you should have 4-6 training sessions per week directed towards increasing aerobic fitness and your beep test score. The sessions could include the following:

Beep Test ImageThese are just suggestions of different training sessions you can include. The key is to do a variety of distances and intensities to best stimulate the aerobic system, making sure that you are working at a high intensity so adaptation takes place. Make sure you have a least 1-2 days of full rest each week to avoid burn out and aid recovery.

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