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The World Masters Games

The World Masters Games is an international multi-sport even held every four years during summer, organized by the International Masters Games Association. The Games is open to athletes and sports people of all athletic abilities. The minimum age ranges between 25 and 35 years old, but mostly depends on the sport.

The first-ever Summer World Masters Games event was held in Toronto in 1985. Venues of the event moved from country to country, from Aalborg, Aarhus and Heming in 1989, Brisbane in 1994, Portland, Oregon in 1998, Melbourne in 2002, Edmonton in 2005, Sydney in 2009, Turin, Italy in 2013, Auckland, New Zealand in 2017. Each edition has a different motto. The 2013 motto which was held in Italy was, “Sport for life, Sport for all”.

There is also a Winter World Masters Games. The first one was held in 2010, from January 25 to 31 in Bled, Slovenia. 7 sports with 42 countries and over 3,000 competitors took part in the winter games.  

The World Masters Games will from now on take place every two years, since there will be a Summer and Winter Masters Games.

The next World Masters Games

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