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Beep Test Levels & Shuttles

Here is a table of the number of shuttles required to run for each level of the beep test. This schedule is for (1) the commonly used beep test version, and (2) The Yo-Yo Endurance Test Level 1 version.

See the webpage on beep test versions for more information about variations of the test. See the Beep Test Table which has all the timings and speeds for this test. There is also a Beep Test Recording Sheet which has the listing of shuttles for the commonly used version.

Stage or Level Shuttles
(Aust. & UK Beep test)
(Yo-Yo Endurance Test)
1 7 7
2 8 8
3 8 8
4 9 8
5 9 9
6 10 9
7 10 10
8 11 10
9 11 11
10 11 11
11 12 11
12 12 12
13 13 12
14 13 13
15 13 13
16 14 13
17 14 14
18 15 14
19 15 15
20 16 15
21 16

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