A to Z of Unusual Sports

Here is a list of 26 weird and unusual sports, from A to Z. See our whole list of unusual sports.

Apple Race — racing apples down the river, where else but on the apple isle of Tasmania, Australia.

Beard & Moustache Championships — who has the best facial hair.

Cheese Rolling — get yourself and the cheese to the bottom of a hill as fast as you can.

Dog Dancing — choreographed dog and owners routines.

Egg Rolling — an Easter tradition even played at the White House every year.

Finger Jousting — try to poke your opponent without being poked yourself.

Gurning Contest — pull a face and win.

Hairiest Back — who has the most hair on their back. a to z of unusual sports

Irish Road Bowling — look out cars, bowling along the roads of Ireland.

Japanese Botaoshi — a tough and crazy game like capture the flag played in Japan.

Kissing Competitions — unusual kissing events such as underwater and basketball kissing.

Land Diving — dry land bungy jumping.

Moonrock Throwing — not just any rock throwing, but moonrocks (not from the moon)

Nude Beach Olympics — held at the nudist section of Baker Beach San Francisco

Orange Races — racing oranges down a road.

Pooh Sticks Championship — not so sticky game played by Pooh Bear.

Quidditch — the sport created for the Harry Potter books.

Running of the Nudes — the naked alternative to the Pamplona bull run.

Shin Kicking — kick them in the shins until they fall down.

Two-Handed Tennis — an unusual variation of the popular game.

Uppies and Downies — a version of Medieval Football with about 1000 players on each team who attempt to get the ball to the opposing team's goal.

Volata — a type of football created by fascist Italy.

Worm Charming — bring as many worms to the surface as you can.

X-treme Ironing — Who said ironing is difficult? When you take your iron and board to extreme places it cannot get any harder.

Yabbie Races — slow races for the Australian freshwater crustacean

Zorb Ball — rolling down the hill, with padding!.


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