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Canine Freestyle Dancing

Canine freestyle dancing is a dog sport which can be best described as a test for obedience, tricks and dance. The sport, which is competitively contested on its own, has its origins from various dog talent shows.

a dancing doga dancing dog

Canine freestyle dancing events are of two types:

Freestyle heeling: The main focus for this event is on the dog's ability to maintain variations of the heel position as the dog and the handler move to music. During the routine, the dog and the trainer must remain close to one another at all times. Some of the required moves are pivots and diagonal forward and backward movements. Non-heeling moves cannot be performed in this event.

Musical freestyle: This event requires the dogs to perform various tricks and talents that display obedience. Here, heeling moves can be combined with non-healing moves, and moves where the dogs and the trainers are separated by some distance are also allowed. Moves that involve spinning, jumping, bowing, or rolling over can be performed.

All routines have to be performed without leashes and training aids. The rules and scoring system used varies based on the sanctioning organization, but in most competitions the primary focus is on technical aspects, artistic aspects and creativity.

Instructors are available to help you select music suitable for your dog's style and temperament, then choreograph your dance routines.

The dancers also dress up in the theme of the dance, which is equally disturbing.

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