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Uppies and Downies

Uppies and Downies is a traditional match which is usually played in Workington in West Cumbria. The game has its roots from medieval football. The game is usually played during Easter to raise money for local charities.

The goal of the match is to "hail the ball"—which basically means to throw it three times up in the air—at the opponent's goal. That's basically the only rule, there are no other rules.

There are two teams, the Uppies, those who are born above the Cloffocks, and the Downies, the ones born below the Clockoffs. The goal of the Downies is at the harbor, while the Uppies is the gates of Workington Hall Parklands.

Usually there are 100 people who try to play the game and get the ball; sometimes it gets up to 1000 people. The ball of this game is made from cow leather. There are only three hand-made balls produced each year.

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