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Top-10 Most Popular Unusual Sports (by views)

Here is the top 10 unusual sports from this site based on page views. There are plenty more - browse the over 100 unusual sport or events, or see My Top-10 unusual sports list.

  1. Bed Racing — for some reason, first race in 1965 was only open to Army, Navy and American Marines, but now the competition is open to anyone with a bed.
  2. World Gurning Contest — A competition where the ugliest face wins, which would be an easy competition for some, though it is not something that I would be proud of winning.
  3. Dwarf Throwing — this sport seems to be banned now, for some reason.
  4. Extreme Ironing — who said ironing was easy? These extreme sports people take it to the limit, ironing in far out places.
  5. Pooh Sticks — A not so sticky event invented by the book character Winnie the Pooh, that involves racing sticks thrown over a bridge into the river.
  6. Zorbing — rolling down a hill inside a giant inflatable ball is sport for some, torture for others.
  7. Worm Charming — bring as many worms to the surface as you can
  8. Cheese Rolling — get yourself and the cheese to the bottom of a hill.
  9. Toe Wrestling — battle of the big toes.
  10. Apple Race — race your apples, where else but on the apple isle of Tasmania.
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