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Two-Handed Tennis

Two-handed or two-racket tennis tennis, an unusual way to play the world-wide popular game of tennis, has been introduced by Prof. Don Mueller (aka Prof. Tennis or Doctor Bones). Prof. Don Mueller teaches physics (including the "Physics of Tennis"). There is also the Two-Racket Tennis Federation in Moscow, Russia, who also call this new sport 'Distennis'.

The game is played just as the traditional tennis game is, just that each player has a racket in each hand. For those who do not have a very good backhand, this way you play with two forehands! But you do not have to limit yourself to that, you can have two backhands as well.

Look out, this just may catch on.

2-handed 2 racket tennis playerDon Mueller playing two-racket tennis
see video of two-handed tennis


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