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Top-10 List of Unusual Sports

Here is my top 10 List of unusually weird sports. You probably don't agree, but with over 100 unusual sports to choose from, no two people would ever pick the same top ten. See also the top 10 list of the most popular unusual sports on this site.

  1. World Gurning Contest — A competition where the ugliest face wins, which would be an easy competition for some, though it is not something that I would be proud of winning.
  2. Fireball Soccer — a game of football (soccer) except the ball is on fire! Known locally as Sepak Bola Api, it is a unique game played by Indonesian students to welcome the month of Ramadan. You have to have quick feet to play this one.
  3. Pooh Sticks — A not so sticky event invented by the book character Pooh Bear, that involves racing a stick thrown over a bridge. Simple but fun, I have played this many times without even knowing it was a sport!
  4. Wife Carrying Festival — You can carry your own wife of someone else's though the obstacle course, and the prize is some beer of course.
  5. Paper-Scissors-Rock — A World Championships for this decider game! Who would have thought it would grow up like this.
  6. Running of the Nudes — The free alternative to the bull run, and much more interesting for the spectator but not as gory.
  7. Camel Wrestling — two male camels fight it out for a female camel on heat who is waiting nearby. The camels lean on each other to push the other one down, until to runs away.
  8. Extreme Ironing — who said ironing was easy? These extreme sports people take it to the limit, taking their ironing board and iron to far out places and getting their photo taken.
  9. World Stinging Nettle Challenge — I can understand trying to eat as many eating hot dogs or donuts as you can, but why would anyone want to eat something with the word 'stinging' in it?
  10. Beer Mile — This event involving running and drinking is probably not that unusual if you are a university student, though anyone can see that this must be one of the most extremely demanding unusual sport.

OK, I can't just stop at my top 10. Here are a feew more of y favorites.

Do you have a suggestion? Another sport to add to the list? Then, contact me.

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