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Association Football (Soccer)

Association Football, commonly called just football or soccer, is the most most popular sport in the world. In other languages, you may find it referred to as futbol, bollfoer, calcio, fussball, labdarugó, podosfairiki and voetbal. It is a sport which is played on a rectangular shaped field having two net goals one on either end of the field. It is played between two teams consisting of 11 players in each team.

Players in this sport are only allowed to use their body to move the ball towards their opponent’s team goal post to score a goal. Players are allowed to use kicking, heading or any other part of their body except their arms and hands in this sport. A goalkeeper is the only player in both teams who is allowed to touch the ball with his arms or hands, but only in a defined area on the rectangular field. A score can only be scored by the team if its player kicks the ball in the net goal post of the opponent’s team. 

taking a free kick in football taking a free kick in football


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